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About Us


Radikal Designs features airbrush  backpacks .

Through our webpage you can find different items to customize. We have a library with over 300 designs, for you to choose from. Each design has been createad by one of our artists. They are unique designs which range from a contemporary urban flavour to the coolest comic designs. You can add your own touch and make changes or add text.

Our artists also create their own collections which we offer as limited editions.

  Our backpacks are exclusively Eastpaks, number one in Europe with a 30 year warranty.

Our mission is to create wearable art which illustrates your unique lifestyle.

Business profile

We established in 1980 with the vision of the owner Alfredo Cordon, of opening the first airbrush store in Europe on the island of Ibiza. From the beginning, the concept of personalizing your own items had a great reception. As the business grew new artists joined the team. Today the main artists are Freddy Cordon.


Freddy is a visual artist born in 1992 in Spain. He studied art and graphic design in the United States and Barcelona and has been an airbrush artist since 2010. Freddy was selected by Eastpak to represent Spain in their Eastpak Artist International 2011 event. Click here to see Freddy at the Eastpak Artist Studio event.